There are too many young athletes sitting on waiting lists, wanting to join established athletics clubs due to being too young or because of lack of resources in competitive running clubs for younger athletes. This is a real shame because this is exactly where the best coaches need to focus their attention.

From a very young age children learn core skills: – Agility, Balance, and Coordination..Known as the ABC’s, and between the ages of 6-10 there is a great window of opportunity for developing children to take on board new skills and challenges.

The Young Athletes Club has been established to introduce young children into Athletics. They will learn to train, compete and to develop Key skills that will help them to perform better in all sports. Above all it will be fun, and will help children to enjoy athletics activity, and to cope better with the pressures of competitive sports.

Your child does not have to qualify or wait to join this club, as our team of athletics coaches and Personal instructors can work with all ages and standards.

To join the club or for further information please contact Head Coach Jon Ireland on  07562421480